About Utimatic

Utimatic offers professional services and trusted service providers for on demand temporary services. As rightly said “Necessity is the mother of inventions” the idea of Utimatic took shape. Utimatic is part of Ensure Secure Services Pvt. Limited (www.esecure.co.in) one of the most trusted Integrated facility management company operating since 2020.

Utimatic name was picked keeping in mind our services and customer expectation. Utimatic is combination of two words, Uti and Matic. Uti stands for utility services and Matic is a common male name in Slovenia. He is intelligent and a very special guy. He'll change your world to make it better. He’ll always be there for you when you need him. He also has the ability to make everyone around him smile. This is exactly what we do at Utimatic. Our well trained staffs are always available for customers in “Making life easier” .

Utimatic is a one-stop service for both your home care and maintenance needs. We offer on demand Cleaning services, Driver services, Security services etc. We also provide technical services such as Electrician, Plumber etc. We plan to add more such services in near future to make people’s life easier and comfortable.

Utimatic is the most convenient and hassle free way to get your household work done. With user friendly website and apps solutions, unmatched service quality, and background verified providers who are always willing to lend a hand, we aim to aid in solving all your household problems with efficiency, ease and most importantly, a personal touch. Each staff member is tested, assessed, and verified after a background check is conducted, including police verification.